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In hard water areas, the use of water in heating and cooling systems invariably results in a build up of limescale (hard water) deposits within the system, usually in the highest temperature zones. The resultant scale not only restricts water flow, but acts a very effective insulator, reducing heat transfer efficiency, and increasing running costs. Heavy scale deposits can also lead to localised overheating of heat transfer surfaces, resulting in premature failure of heating appliances.

In all areas, rust and corrosion may take place in heating and cooling systems, leading to a build up of corrosion deposits, and a reduction in efficiency.

The effects of scale can be removed by use of Scale Breaker FX and a CLEARFLOW® pump.

Scale Breaker FX

Descaling liquid for pipework, radiators, heating & cooling systems and equipment with either rust or limescale deposits. Dissolves iron oxides at ambient temperatures. Non fuming. Safe to use with steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, brass and most plastics / rubber.


Neutralising Crystals

Neutralising Crystals are added to the CLEARFLOW® tank after the final power flush 'dump' (when water leaving the dump hose is crystal clear), and circulated briefly to ensure neutralisation of any residues after use of Scale Breaker FX.


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