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Adey MagnaClean TwinTech®

MagnaClean TwinTech
  • Powerful magnetic filtration
  • Exceptional non-magnetic filtration
  • Simple installation and servicing saving time and money
  • Quick and easy chemical dosing
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Longer central heating system life AND guaranteed for two years *

Dual-action system protection, MagnaClean TwinTech®, The new generation MagnaClean TwinTech® offers guaranteed protection to central heating systems.

Offering advanced magnetic and non-magnetic filtration, MagnaClean TwinTech® sets the highest industry standards in domestic central heating maintenance and protection, eliminating virtually 100% of suspended black iron oxide and non-magnetic debris.

It is recommended to have the MagnaClean TwinTech® fitted to your central heating system following a powerflush. This will eliminate the need to repeat a powerflush in the future.

The MagnaClean TwinTech® can also be fitted to your central heating system even if you do not feel that a powerflush is necessary. It will cleanse during normal central heating operation.

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* Guarantee is provided by MagnaClean® manufacturer: Adey Limited, Unit 3, Chiltern Road, Prestbury Business Park, Prestbury, Cheltenham, GL52 5JS.

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